Outdoor pool with Payflink

Enhance Service at Your Beach with Payflink: Digital Ordering and Payments via QR Code

Published on 5/16/2023 by Hüseyin Ayas

Summer is here, and beaches are gearing up to welcome sun seekers and swimmers. To make your beach even more appealing and offer your customers a top-notch experience, we present Payflink. With our innovative web application, beaches can provide their visitors with a convenient takeaway experience by offering digital ordering through a menu accessed via a QR code.

Easy Ordering via Digital Menu

Thanks to Payflink, your customers can simply use their smartphones to scan the QR code on the digital menu at the beach. This grants them immediate access to the full menu and enables them to place their orders conveniently and contactlessly.

Quick and Secure Payments

Our web application allows customers to settle their bills directly through the app. No need for cash—just a few taps on their own smartphone to complete the payment process.

Efficiency Boost for Your Beach

By implementing Payflink as a takeaway solution at your beach, you can not only enhance customer service but also increase operational efficiency. Orders are digitally recorded and transmitted directly to the kitchen, alleviating the workload for your staff. This reduces waiting times for customers and enables the beach to process more orders.


If you want to transform your beach into a modern and service-oriented destination, Payflink is the solution you need. With our web application, your customers can easily order and pay through a digital menu. Visit our website at https://payflink.com to learn more about our solution and how to integrate it into your beach. Offer your customers an outstanding takeaway experience and improve the efficiency of your beach with Payflink!