Digital menu

With Payflink's digital menu, you have a flexible and powerful tool to showcase what your restaurant, bar or cafe has to offer in the best possible way.

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Digital menus are a perfect replacement or even supplement for your classic menu. With Payflink’s digital menu you have the perfect tool to reach the next level as a host:in.

Digital menu
Digital menu

Digital menu in a nutshell

A digital menu is a PDF, website, or app that displays your offerings on a cell phone or tablet. Unlike a traditional menu, a digital menu can be integrated into your website and accordingly found on Google. Moreover, changes to your offer are fast and free of charge. If you wish, you can even process orders and payments via the digital menu.

Each table in your establishment will receive an individual QR code. After scanning such a QR code, your digital menu will open directly on your guests’ cell phones, without any download or installation. In addition, the digital menu can also be displayed on tablets, websites and displays.

Your guests can now navigate through your recommendations and categories in an intuitive way.

Clicking on food or drinks opens information about the selected item. This lists whether the selected item is vegan or vegetarian, or contains ingredients that trigger allergies. Our digital menu also offers options for guests to choose from, such as additional ingredients or smaller portions.

Entering your offering is simple and straightforward with our content management system. You can specify product descriptions, images, prices, categories, headings, your establishment’s name and logo, a short introduction and much more. We will be happy to assist you in setting up your digital menu.

With Payflink you have many advantages:

  • Payflink presents your menu as a website, which allows your offer to be found on Google. This way you will reach a large number of potential guests.

  • If your offer changes depending on the season, day of the week or time of the day, you can store this in the digital menu. Your guests will automatically see the current offer and current prices.

  • With Payflink, your guests can view the menu at any time to study your offer and place a new order.

  • The Payflink app offers simple and intuitive navigation, so your guests can easily find their way around your digital menu.

  • One of the features in which Payflink excels is the filters that dynamically adjust your offer and the preferences of your guests. Thus, it is possible to display only vegetarian dishes or hide dishes with certain allergy substances.

The Payflink app is an excellent digital menu. However, Payflink can support your business much more widely. You decide which additional functions you want to enable for your guests.

One of these features is the ability to order and pay directly from the menu. When paying through the app, it is also possible to tip.

Payflink also allows you to take away and delivery orders.

Another feature of the Payflink app is a guest call system via SMS.

Start for free

Payflink as a digital dining app is completely free!

So discover the benefits of our product without any risk and add ordering, payment and all other features to your digital menu at any time. Step by step, so you can see the benefits for yourself.