Update 22/Q2: Dynamic supply and prices

With Payflink, it is now possible to vary the offer and prices depending on when and where the order is placed.

Published on 6/30/2022 by Philip Schönholzer

In the last quarter we delivered one very big and a few smaller improvements for Payflink. Most notable is the ability to define offer and prices depending on location and time. Now many scenarios are possible that were previously tedious or not possible at all. Like adjusting prices for happy hour or if certain dishes are cheaper than usual on a specific day of the week. In addition, until now it was cumbersome to adjust the offer according to the kitchen opening hours and it was not possible to offer a different selection for certain tables (e.g. in the garden) or for take away or delivery.

Dynamic offer selection

With the latest update, the menu card can display different offers according to place and time. A classic example are the opening hours of the kitchen. When the kitchen is open, the guests can order everything that the kitchen offers. If the kitchen is closed, these items are not visible and cannot be ordered. With the dynamic offer it is also possible to allow certain articles to only be served in the restaurant but not for take away and delivery.

Since the offer selection can even be customized per table, the only limit is your imagination: Are only drinks available in the garden? Is the food only available in the dining room? Can the fondue only be ordered at the large table? Is a special dish only available in autumn? Is the Monday menu only available on Monday? All this can now be elegantly solved with the dynamic offer.

Dynamic prices

Prices are not the same everywhere and at all times. It is possible that different prices are charged for takeaway or delivery. Also a happy hour is not uncommon, when the prices on certain items are reduced. The guests always see the current price. If the price has changed between selection and checkout, the price change is indicated at checkout. Accordingly, the guests can then decide whether or not they still want to order the affected items.

With dynamic prices, many new scenarios are possible: On Monday, sushi is reduced. On the tennis court, food is slightly more expensive. All drinks are half price between 16:00 and 18:00.

Minor improvements

In addition to dynamic offers and pricing, we improved the following:

  • Improved and more comprehensive receipt
  • Ability to call service staff from the app
  • Faster updating of the menu
  • Turn order comments on and off


We have some cool features planned for the next few months. For example, payment at the end of the visit is one of the features we are particularly looking forward to. You can always see what is planned on our roadmap.